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Bella Italia is an Italian restaurant chain in the United Kingdom. Itís been around the early 90ís and currently today, it has around 70 chains scattered across the UK. Itís a good choice if you brought along the whole family with you for some great dining experience. Being an Italian restaurant, you can expect a long list of Italian cuisine from its menu. You can expect pizza, pasta, and even some grilled food and other specialty dishes. Bella Italia even has a daily special if youíre dying of trying something new for a change. You can simply ask your waiter for information regarding the dish. They also have and extensive list of wine, so youíll most likely to have a bit of time choosing, unless of course you know your wine. There are also beers and soft drinks available for those who are not very fond of wine. Bella Italia is a great place, mainly because of the food they serve. Their Italian dishes are made using fresh ingredients, to ensure that you get the full flavour. Aside from the quality food they serve, another reason to visit Bella Italia would be their price range. Items on the menu arenít that at all expensive as compared to other Italian restaurants in the UK. Donít get me wrong though, youíre still getting a generous proportion of a meal, regardless of the cheaper price. If you want to get even more from your cash, you simply have to present a voucher to the manager. Presenting vouchers can give you even lower prices, so itís always nice to take advantage of them. You can get a voucher code at and other voucher codes even reward you with other bonuses and promos. Bella Italia VOUCHERS